Welcome to Jath Public School Ratlam

A motivated, dedicated and well qualified faculty oversees the well being of our students. A good teacher – student ratio makes is possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child.

In Jath Public School Ratlam the faculty is comfortable with using modern technologies such as computers, LCD or over head projector for classroom teaching, lesson plans, assignments and evaluation to make learning more interactive and effective. Teachers are expected to use the best practices and strategies to meet challenge demands of their career. If the teachers are well trained and highly motivated, learning will be enhanced. The teaching profession demands clear set goals, love for profession and obviously the more favorable attitude top wards the profession.

In this perspective, Jath Public School Ratlam organizes in-service teacher’s workshop to equip our teachers not only with teaching skills but also to promote the positive professional attitude in them.



The management of Jath Public School feel that there needs to be truthful and real contact between teachers and students. The classes need to be small and intimate. The focus in each class should be on ideas, debate and comprehension over blind dependence on lectures, notes and memory. The children at Jath Public School have the opportunity to work with mentors they know and respect and who know and respect them.

Email us at : Prinicipal@jathpublicschoolratlam.com
Phone no : 07412 220749                      Mob . 7415151056
Madhya Pradesh

B- Sector Vinoba Nagar,
Ratlam 457001
Madhya Pradesh


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